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The Rose Croix of Heredom is the 18th of the 33 Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Rite held under the authority of the Supreme Council 33°.  It is the degree of entry into the Order and is the only one worked by the Chapters.  A new member is admitted through the Ceremony of Perfection, becoming an Excellent and Perfect Prince Rose Croix.

The nine members of the Supreme Council, the governing body of the Order, confer the last four Degrees, the 30°, 31°, 32° and 33° at 10 Duke Street, St. James’s, London, the Grand East or headquarters of the Order in England and Wales. The other Degrees are conferred by name.  The King Edward VII Chapter of Improvement demonstrates one or two of these Degrees each year at centres across England and Wales.  Any Rose Croix Mason may attend.

The principles of Christianity are represented in the 18th Degree, which seeks the Perfection of Christian virtues in Faith, Hope and Charity.  A brother wishing to be perfected must have been initiated in a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England and have been a Master Mason a full year. He must be in good standing in his Lodge and must profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith.

The regalia for the 18th Degree comprises a jewel appended to a red collar embroidered with the symbols and emblems of the Degree in gold braid.